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welcome to fox 5 morning news. a nice view of our nation's capitol. a hot one out there. talking about high 80s. can't wait for that. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. it's going to be hot. let's check in with tony perkins and find out how hot it will be. >> hot in the studio. i had to take the jacket off. and we'll see summertime temperatures across the region. want to start with hd radar. we've been monitoring shower activity and thunderstorms, this is up to the north and east, including a couple of spots where the rain is a bit heavier. this is generally speaking around arundel mills, laurel, glen burnie, down toward the south and maybe just to the east of beltsville, toward pasadena, severna parkplaces like that, that area seeing
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showers. most of the area is dry but again seeing pop-up showers and some brief thunderstorm activity. let's go to the graphics and i'll show you what is happening across the area. you see it and bang. most of it dissipates before it gets here. i thought all of it would dissipate yesterday morning but some has made it through. it is pushing from the west to east and really within about the next hour or so, it will all have pushed out of here. here is a look at the current temperatures at the area airports. 65 at reagan national. 65 at dulles. bwi marshall is at 63. we set record highs yesterday at dulles and bwi marshall. more about that later. forecast for today, partly sunny. we will see -- partly sunny and hot temperatures this afternoon. high about 86 degrees downtown. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. now let's find out more in -- on traffic in just a few moments. we'll get that for you.
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steve and allison, back to you. and let's find out what is happening in northe virginia on roads. >> water main break at tysons corner. sarah simmons is live. >> reporter: it's a 20-inch water main break. this happened at about 3:00 this morning. the water is shut off. and you can see the massive crater left behind. this is 123 norbound between international drive and the beltway. at this point theyare still trying to figure out if the road is safe. they are hoping they can get one lane open on the northbound side, otherwise this will be a while. the road has buckled. they say it could be eight pl hours or maybe even all day or possibly more to get the road fixed and driveable once again. v-dot is telling us this was due to a construction crew overnight that was working here on a hot lane project and they were boring underneath the surface to install piping for the project and that is when the break occurred.
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now falls church water authority have been out here as well. they shut off the water and are saying there are a few outages and mostly in tysons corner. you might have water but at a low pressure. it will be a traffic nightmare. 123 southbound has reopened and for more on traffic in this area, let's go to julie wright with on-time traffic. and as you just mentioned, this is almost an all day event. definitely through the rush hour and into the midday. hopefully by this afternoon we'll have more lanes open, but as sarah mentioned this is becoming a nightmare because 123 traffic out of vienna can go no further than international drive and from there you have to make a left or right and that's forcing folks on route 7. we're seeing the delays stacking up there for the alternate route. traveling off from mclean you'll find your lanes are open but traffic from vienna can go no further than international.
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and back inside, 395 across the 14th street bridge, heavy and steady that's how she rolls over the potomac. top side of the beltway, outer loop is slow from college park with an early morning wreck on the shoulder. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. we continue to follow the breaking news out of west virginia this morning as we learn more and more about the worst mining accident in the u.s. in some 25 years. 25 miners killed in an explosion yesterday and a rescue mission on hold until the danger passes. the blast on monday in the upper big branch mine has made for a tragic scene that many west virginia communities have been through before. >> this time it is happening in a mine town about 30 miles south of charleston. will thomas is there this morning and he has heard from officials about how rescue operations will go forward and
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how families are dealing with this huge loss. >> we're going to catch up with will thomas in a few minutes. that wasn't the right story we were looking for as we were trying to look for will. but the search will continue for the four miners still trapped in the mine. unfortunately it got to the point where the carbon monoxide levels were so high they had to suspend the search. those miners were not able to make it to one of the reserve areas in the mine, the safety areas where they store extra oxygen and food. they got to the areas and there was nobody there. so they are holding out hope to find the four people still missing and unaccounted for in the mine. they will try again as soon as they can reduce the gas levels to continue the search. >> we'll get more now from will thomas. >> reporter: moments ago another update from the west virginia governor joe mansion who now says 11 of the 25 miners killed in an explosion here at the mine have been identified. four are still missing. and we've learned getting to
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the men could take at a minimum of 12 hours. the build-up of bad air in there, the methane buildup makes it too dangerous for rescuers to get to the four men is to dangerous they'll drill three separate holes 1100 feet deep. it could take, according to the governor, as long as 12 hours. they need to vent out the space so rescuers can go back inside and try to rescue the four men. they're calling it a rescue operation. the family members are standing by. they're in a training facility building just a short distance from where we are. they're being fed, members of the clergy are there, the red cross. they are certainly not alone. >> they still hold out for that miracle, the four that are still missing. but they understand the challenge we have and the horrific nature of this blast and the situation that we're dealing with is very tough.
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>> reporter: this morning we're told two minors -- miners are hospitalized. it was a shift change and they were leaving and got the tail end. the governor told me the blast was so fierce even someone who was a great distance away from the epicenter of the blast, his shirt wablown right off of him. that was the force from the methane that somehow sparked -- and they're not exactly sure why, they are investigation -- investigating. the four men may not be next to each other and spread out a distance of 2,000 feet or greater but a 12 hour operation at the mine and we'll stand by and bring you more updates as we get them. in raleigh county, virginia. i'm will thomas. now back to you. also new this morning, the obama administration will release details of a new nukes policy. u.s. officials say it will stop short of renouncing nuclear
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weapons short of an attack and it will be to deter or respond to a nuclear attack. and the white house concerned about a report from iran. he accused the united nations of carrying out a vast fraud last year in denying him election. a war video circulating on the internet are showing a recording from back in 2007. soldiers that were attacking helicopters were under fire and the pilots found a group of men with what appeared to be ak- 47s. a military investigation later found out it was actually a photography lense. some victims were believed to
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have been children and this morning there is outrage in response to the comments heard on the tape. >> taking them to a local hospital. >> well it's their fault for bringing their kids to a war zone. >> that's right. >> and soldiers will say things less noble or heroic in these dangerous ples. >> there are reports that a routers photographer was present. and now to loudoun county, virginia. a 58-year-old terminally ill woman was in bed when someone broke into her home and made it into her bedroom. she suffered from a lung disease and requires an oxygen ank found the strength to scream and scared the intruder away.
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he got away in a red car. funeral services are set for two victims of the deadly drive-by shooting in the southeast. four people died in last week's attack. 17-year-old tavon nelson's services will be today and 18- year-old devon boyd's funeral is tomorrow in maryland. two other teen-agers were killed and five other people were hurt. a federal judge has found adrian fenty in contempt and has refused federal over site of the child welfare agency and said the city hasn't provided a satisfactory child welfare system for district residents. the attorney general says they do not agree with the ruling and will file an appeal. steve. another big story today, the redskins and their fans will formally be introduced to the newest player, donovan mcnabb. the redskins will hold a press conference today and discuss acquiring mcnabb from the eagles. >> this morning mcnabb is
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waking up at lansdowne resort one day after dan snyder's private jet flew him to dulles from his off sean home in phoenix. the team gave up the 37th overall choice and is this month's draft and the third or fourth round selection next year. and chris cooley had this to say. >> i think it's a good direction to go. you're getting a quarterback that is a proven winner. he's taken that team to the playoffs so many times, he's beat us a lot of times. it's funny that we get the guys about how much he likes to play at fedex. >> and the trade is not good for jason campbell whose career high passing rates from 2009 matches mcnabb. no comment from campbell. and the news conference is scheduled today at noon and you
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can watch it here live at fox 5 and it will be streaming live on and up next, big honor for students at george washington university. and it's only tuesday and it's already a major week for sports. wild celebration on the campus of duke after men won the basketball title. and plus a big opening day at nat's ballpark and the latest for tiger woods and the masters. that's all coming up. it's 7:12. ♪
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george washington university students have apparently made the grade. first lady michelle obama will be speaking at the school's graduatio pea -- on may 16th.
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she promised to speak if the campus racked up 1,000 hours of community service and they met it ahead of time. so there you go, you set goals and you make it. >> the first lady's mission is accomplished. >> everyone wins in that situation. as we get into the weather, i want to mention something that tucker was looking at ust a short time ago. folks at accu-weather were looking at the mine and they determined there was thunderstorm activity near there. very close to that site at the time of the explosion. it does not mean that it caused the explosion but sometimes thunderstorms have been implicated in other mine disasters. so just an interesting thing to keein mind. that there were thunderstorms occurring in that part of west virginia at the time of the explosion yesterday afternoon. in our area, we've seen a couple of brief thunderstorm this is morning and to the north and to the south. let me show you hd radar and
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show what you is happening right now. this is not severe storms and brief in nature tracking from the west to the east. there is the latest. and this is not even showing lightning right now. just a couple of spots with heavier rain off to the east, around annapolis, to the east of severna park. and it's now moving out over the chesapeake bay and as this moves out it will take most of the rest of the activity with it. here is a look at the bigger satellite radar image and you can see he whole region. there is your shower activity coming through during the morning hours, just hit or miss showers here and there. a few strikes of lightning here and there as well as a weak trough comes through. it is pushing through as we speak and really during about the next 45 minutes or so it will be out of here and we'll be done with that. right now we are getting a report of a tempt of 64 degrees at reagan national. humidity is 78%. winds are light. i believe that barometric
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pressure is steady. here is your five-day forecast. high today 86 degrees, and hot and more humid. and tomorrow even hotter. 88 degrees. if we get there, that's 25 degrees above normal. so we have a summertime preview. cold front on thursday triggering thunderstorms and cooler temperatur for the rest of the week. >> and look at friday. 40 degrees. from 88 to 40. >> i thought about tucker and i hadn't ventilated my car and i said i will not complain. >> and julie wright will not complain. but your friends out on the roads will not be. and you can ride with your top down or sun roof open, tony. and 123 at internation drive, the lanes are blocked from
7:19 am
vienna toward the beltway. so again, there is closure point because of the huge water main break and the large sinkhole, the road has buckled. sarah simmons is reporting live from the scene. so the road has buckled. traffic from vienna is forced to make rit or left on international drive. coming from mclean, your lanes are open. traveling 395 across the 14th street bridge, all lanes are open with no incidents to report into d.c. inbound new york avenue, slowing from times building to bladensberg road and again at the third street tum. and connecticut avenue at bradley, in bound finding all lanes open and we'll update you on this on our next report. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. president obama's energy decision has cleared the way to drill for oil and gas off of virginia's coast. but environmentalists have concerns about leasing nearly a 3 million-acre stretch of the ocean there. and joining us live with more
7:20 am
on the issues, the director of the virginia chapter of the sierra club glenn bessa. thank you for being with us tod. >> my pleasure, allison. >> and let's talk about the sierra club. the oldest and largest environmental group, some 15,000 members here in virginia. what was the reaction to the president's announcement to begin looking at these waters off of virginia and maryland, virginia we'll stick with? >> sure. the sierra club is a national organization and this impacts more than virginia and we were very disappointed to open up the coast. in the first 18 months he's address climate change and automobile efficiency and after he declared the waters open for drilling and he took action for our energy security and that was mandating more efficient automobiles. >> and of course this is the --
7:21 am
the proponents say ts will lessen our dependency on foreign oil and gas and what is your reaction to that? >> that is not true. we use more than 20% of the world's oil. so even if we were to exploit all of the services of oil, it would have no impact on the price and special none on with regard to how much oil we import. in fact we imported about a -- import a billion barrels of oil a day. >> and my next question is the alternative. there is no doubt that right now we do depend on these forms of energy as americans. what can we look forward to or what would be the -- an option that groups like the sierra club would be happy with. >> while we're disappointed with the president's decision here, he has done a lot to foster energy efficiency and
7:22 am
that is the way to go. on the other hand bob mcdonnell has misplaced his priorities, he was supporting the off shore drilling befo president obama moved it forward but a day or two after they announced the oil drilling, governor mcdonnell withdrew from a compact with other governors on off shore wind. he opposed off shore wind and virginia is falling behind in renewal energy in places like maryland and north carolina and pennsylvania which are attracting new industry. in fact, if you invest in renewable energy it creates four times more job than investments in oil drilling for example. >> and is this just in your opinion the path of least resistance or following what we've always none? >> i think you probably got it right there, just doing the same old thing. now the same old thing has led to wars for oil, led to fluctuations in gas prices. if you make investments in renewable energy like wind and solar, you know what the fixed costs are because after you built that infrastructure, the
7:23 am
fuel is free. whereas with oil and gas, we can expect to see the prices fluctuate wildly and with regard to oil, they're going to increase significantly as merging economies like china and india continue to increase their demand for oil. we're competing with this oil in a worldwide market so whatever domestic product we have will be sold at the same price as oil in the regular market. >> we'll have to end it there. we'll be talking with the governor later ani'll pass on some of your points here today. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> happy to hear what he has to say that. thank you so much. steve over to you. it is 7:23 right now. this morning nasa is dealing with a bit of a glitch aboard the shuttle discovery. we'll talk about what is preventing the crew what they wanted to do in space today. and also up next, national sports reporter threatened and this be coming from virginia. we'll get the latest on the erin andrews saga. and holly morris kicking off baseball season with tips
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for the younger set. fox 5 morning news continues right after the break. it's now 7:23. [ beeping ] ♪ my country ♪ 'tis of thee ♪ sweet land ♪ of liberty
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three, two, one, zero, booster ignition. astronauts on board the space shuttle discovery having a hard time surveying the ship for damage. three small pieces of insulating foam came off. a faulty big dish antenna is preventing them from sending or receiving big data likelyar images of the shuttle. they will restore it on tape and send it once they reach the space station. and the fbi looking into death threats against erin andrews starting in virginia. at this point the virginia
7:28 am
branch of the fbi will not confirm that it has started from newport news but they believe the threats have originated somewhere in the state but so far no arrests. coming up on 7:28. from the blue devils to the nationals to tiger woods, the sports is coming up after the break. and we want to continue to follow the top story. more than two dozen dead after a mining ccident in virginia. the latest for the search for survivors. we'll be right back. time now is 7:28. 
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rescue teams are awaiting the all-clear to continue searching for four missing miners. this is a live look now at the deadly scene in west virginia. an explosion yesterday killed 25 miners. officials say it's unlikely the four miners survived but they are still praying and they are holding out hope for a miracle. the c.o. levels are too high to send search crews back in so they will drill -- they will bore holes to vent out toxic gas. that's the plan. the governor says it will be a long day and expect to remain on scene for a while. >> we'll continue to follow the story throughout the morning. 7:31 right now. first let's get a check on our
7:32 am
forecast. here is tony. >> thank you steve and allison. yesterday we hit record high temperatures across the region. believe it or not, we got well up into the 80s. reagan national 83. no record there. we were 3 degrees shy of the record. dulles international, 86 degrees. broke the record there. used to be 83. and then bwi marshall, we just beat the old record of 83. 84 was the new record set at bwi mar sal. current temperatures, primarily in the 60s. 64 here. out in winchester it's 65. in cambridge, maryland, it is 66 degrees at this hour. here is a look at the satellite radar composite for the eastern united states. we have our little system coming through here this morning. it is a trough that has triggered a couple of showers here and there. even a couple of thunderstorms here and there during the early morning hours, all of that pushing off to the east. there is steady rain in new york state and portions of pennsylvania as well.
7:33 am
here is your forecast for washington for today. partly sunny skies, hot this afternoon. high about 86 degrees. well above normal. then for tonight, we'll see a mild night. a couple of clouds here and there. 63 is your overnight low in town. most of you will be in the low 60s for your lows tonight. a couple of spots into the 50s. five-day forecast, more heat tomorrow. we'll add on another couple of degrees. 88 downtown and that means some of you could get to 90 degrees. we'll probably have some records set. thursday clouds build in. a cold front comes through. that triggers rain showers and likely some thunderstorms thursday afternoon and thursday night. and then our temperatures drop off behind that cold front. highs on friday and saturday only in the low 60s. that's the la happening with the weather. now let's get more on the rush hour traffic from julie wright. >> that, my friend, is what i like to call nutty buddy weather. >> i love nutty buddies. i'm wityou. >> maybe we'll get one tomorrow. my treat. >> that would be nice.
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>> you can even have your own. you don't have to share. >> thank you. >> but if you don't eat it fast enough, you'll ve to share. >> you're my nutty buddy. >> well thank you. starting off with a couple of accidents, all of which is cleared on the top stretch of the beltway and the big story is tysons corner as the 123 is closed off, going no further than international drive because of the water main break and partial road collapse. so again a lot of folks bailing out using 7 as the alternative as you travel inbound. this is alive shot at international drive. heavy volume through the traffic lights back out towards the beltway. also make note that out bound at reston parkway, a wreck in the toll lane. top side is slow through silver spring, and southbound 95 an incident at 212 on the shoulder with a back-up leaving 32.
7:35 am
that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. duke fans erupted in a fencey after another national championship for the blue devils. it turned into a nail biter. butler just missed a last second half court shot that would have given them the national championship. for duke it is the blue devil's fourth national title. and a nat's home opener and tigers first full news conference and dave ross is here with the details. we turn to you when we have a busy day like that. >> i love it. thanks for the call. you don't get better sports days than yesterday. it might have been the biggest sports day in the history of sports. >> wow. >> you guys ponder that and see if you can come up with a better one. and starting out with tiny butler trying to be a real life version of the hoosiers and trying to win in the hoosier state of indiana and they had
7:36 am
to beat big, bad duke and they almost did. and here is haywood, half court for the win and national championship. so close. but duke does win under coach kay. they end the cinderella season of butler 61-59. and now the season opener for the nationals yesterday. the president threw out the first pitch. he was sporting a white sox hat that got mixed reaction and so did this pitch, just a bit outside. and the early review for the nats was like that pit. it wasn't good. this is ryan zimmerman from virginia beach, going high off the wall and nats are up 1-0. they should have stopped there but they didn't. the phillies, well ryan howard is ryan howard and watch what he does. a two-run home run and the phills ck on 9 more and they wipe out the nats 11-1. and yesterday at augusta national, tiger woods held his
7:37 am
first actual press conference since returning from rehab for undisclosed reasons. he repeatedly took personal responsibility for his failures and for some bad decisions and he addressed his fans, many of whom he said he had forgotten about. >> and show my appreciation for them. i haven't done that in the past few years and that's -- that was wrong of me. so many kids have looked up to me and so many fans have supported me over the years and just want to say thank you to them. >> he will play the first round of augusta national on thursday. i will be glued to the tv. and it continues today, donovan mcnabb will be introduced as the redskins park as the new team quarterback. we'll carry it here live.
7:38 am
>> i want to talk about donovan mcnabb. was able to get ahold of the philadelphia enquirer from yesterday which is all over donovan mcnabb. he was traded on the headlines. and in the sports page, i'll read through some of the headlines around right here because it's everywhere. cobb on the firing line who will now be the starter. eagles traded nick nab -- mcnabb for his backup. good move all around. he exits, promises never fulfilled and it seems like time management. and disturbing game change in the nfc east. it looks like the enchoirer folks seem think it's a bad idea to let him get away. >> and we talked to philly guys at nats park because the phillies were playing against the nationals but the feeling was the big mistake was they traded inside the division and now they're worried that this will come back to bite them because they have to play him two times and players say it's
7:39 am
just another game. it won't be just another game when donovan mcnabb goes up i- 95 and they play philadelphia in the city of brotherly shove and that's where you have articles like that. >> and we'll see what happens when they map -- when they match up against each other. >> and tony perkins is going to be out of his mind. >> yes, he is. and it's 7:39 and we've heard from an environmentalist group. and up next we bring you virginia governor bob mcdonnell to discuss president obama's decision on oil drilling off the atlantic. and toyota recalls leading to more trouble. at 8:00 this morning the federal government slapping the company with a new record penalty. that is coming up in a few minutes. and an update on the situation in haiti. d.c. congresswoman eleanor holmes norton is back today from a trip to the earthquake
7:40 am
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welcome back to fox 5 morning news. it is 7:42 right now. and we're in the middle of -- should we call it a mini heat wave. >> yes we can. >> let's do it. yellow air out there i hear. >> is it really? i didn't know that. the pollen count is high. yesterday in the 80s and today and tomorrow well into the upper 80s. so that's a mini heat wave we have going on. let's take a look. let's show you the headlines for today and for the rest of the week as a matter of fact. let's see. we have much cooler -- what happened to the headlines? >> you want back? >> we had record heat yesterday. sunny and hot today, showers and thunderstorms late on thursday and much cooler this weekend. temperatures below normal for a couple of days, believe it or not. here is a look at the satellite
7:44 am
radar composite for the eastern united states. we have clouds going through and we've had a few spots of moisture and precipitation and even a couple of thunderstorms. rumbles of thunder and flashes of light and that has pushed off to the east and we are wrapping up with that activity. here is a look at the five-day forecast, high today, boys and girls, 86 degrees. hot and more humidity too. tomorrow 88 with humidity. so it will be like a late summer day. thursday it will still feel like summer and steamy and we'll get thunderstorms popping up during the afternoon and evening and then friday and saturday we're back to spring th highs in the low 60s. that is the weather. more is coming up shortly. >> that's going to feel very interesting at the end of the week. >> i'm wondering if people will say it's too chilly now. >> maybe we'll have a cool-off. and let's go to julie wright. >> just when i put away the scarf and glove, i have to bring them back out. >> the scarf and gloves at 40
7:45 am
degrees? >> and after that warm temperature it will feel colder, tony. >> it is. i'm going to have my big old hooded sweatshirt on. >> man up, julie. man up. all right. here we are on the roads this morning. traveling out of tysons the big story is 123. we are dealing with a partial road collapse as a result of water main break. sarah simmons has been reporting live from the scene. 123 traffic out of vienna can go to no further international. definitely volume delays through the traffic lights toward the beltway. outer loop of the beltway remains slow traveling from 95 college park toward georgia avenue. out bound dulles toll road crash at the reston parkway. eastbound rubbernecking delays beginning at 28. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. well governor bob mcdonnell's goal to make virginia the energy capital of the east coast is one step closer to becoming reality. that thanks to president obama's off shore energy plan. and joining us live from
7:46 am
richmond this morning with more on the push for drilling is virginia governor bob mcdonnell. what a pleasure it is for us to -- to have you join the program this morning. good morning. >> good to be on with your viewers. thanks. >> this will mean thousands of new jobs and hundreds of millions in state revenue and tens of billions in dollars for economic impact for the commonwealth. you are happy about this move from the white house. >> absolutely. there are just some preliminary estimates, challenges and seismic studies and until you get out there and smore, you don't know how much it there. it could be far more. and we're secretary salazar and the president has opened it up and virginia being the first state to authority and sell close to 2012. we'll have the drilling industry all come to virginia.
7:47 am
it's jobs and capital investment and tax revenues and it's a step closer to some energy independence. it's part of the overall solution and we're happy about it. >> the critics out there are going to say this is going to foul ocean waters and saying that marine life could be dushed by this and some of our protected areas, what about those areas, we're talking the mouth of the chesapeake thee, and what do you say to those who oppose this? >> i would say this is not accurate. first because it takes place in 2012, there will be an 18 month impact statement and those issues will be addressed before the lease is sold and in the gulf of mexico they've been drilling for 0 years, about 2,000 plus rigs out there. hurricanes come through and no impediment to the environment to shipping channels. we think it can be done in an environmentally responsible manner and bring tremendous economic revenues that will be put into transportation and in green energy research. that's a bill that we got
7:48 am
passed this session to dedicate the revenues and things important to northern virginia. we think it can be done responsibly and be great for our economy. >> governor, how will this work in concert with the country's largest naval base there in the norfolk area and also have the fassa facility at wallops island and how will this work in concert? busy skies and oceans happening in the state of virginia? >> well there are. and they c all work together. both wallops island and the navy have concerns about the exact location of the drilling rigs or the vessels out there. those are details over the next year and a half or two to work out before the lease is actually sold. and i'm convinced we can have them at the table and work this out and have those concerns addressed. but we have uncharted resources out there that can help america toward energy independence along with our other god-given natural resources of coal and natural gas, nuclear, wind, biomass and now off shore
7:49 am
drilling as part of the solution. and we ought to take advantage of all of the resources and the navy and the folks will be part of the solution. >> we had the director of the sierra club, the virginia chapter d he express the disappointment in what he saw as your office backing away from the governor's wind energy coalition looking at wind energy as a perhaps cleaner source of energy for the state of virginia. your response to that? what did happen with that coalition and in the commonwealth? >> well that's not accurate. i fully support off shore wind and want to be pursue it. i want to be one of the first to do that. we have two petitions from wind energy companies to drill and we have some of the best wind anywhere on the atlantic coast. that organization sent out a letter without my approval and basically said that i was in support of a mandatory renewable portfolio standard. that's not accurate. and so what i've done is i've
7:50 am
joined secretary salazar who has put together an atlantic governor wind initiative. i just signed the bill of it on friday, to help us to advance off shore wind energy in virginia. so i'm fully supportive of the concept but i don't think that organization will be as effective as the one set up in virginia and the one i'm working with with other atlantic coast governors and that's how we'll get this done. >> governor, thank you for joining us today. >> thanks, allison. great to be on. appreciate it. coming up on 10 minutes before 8:00. we'll check in with holly morris right after the break so stick around. we're the watchful ones. we like to know where things stand. we keep a close eye on what we have and what we spend.
7:51 am
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7:53 am
so yesterday was opening day for the nationals, today holly is getting into the baseball spirit. >> she's doing that at prospects baseball training in vienna, virginia. good morning, holly. >> reporter: good morning. that's all you have to say to me? >> oh, congratulations on the big win, right. >> reporter: i understand that nobody likes duke except for those that i that went there and so my husband and i went there and we're having a great day. and if we lost i wouldn't have to prompt it. it was a very good day
7:54 am
yesterday for baseball as opening day was across the nation. and now everybody is in the baseball state of mind and that's why we are live at prospect sports training. this is matt avery, one of he men behind the new complex. and good morning, i bet your glad to see the season start. >> best day of the year. >> reporter: don't talk about the nats score yesterday. >> there is more games to come. >> reporter: and talk about the facility and why you started it and what do you think the niche is. >> i started mycareer and i've gotten to know brian and joe and just saw a way to help out the youth here, young baseball players. i saw this space and thought it was a no-brainer because we could utilize it for different sports and not just baseball. >> reporter: because we do lacrosse and soccer here as well. some people talk about the sport ever baseball being a
7:55 am
dying spor >> no way. america's passtime. >> reporter: well we're focus -- we'll focus on pitching. and how fast did you pitch? >> about 94 miles per hour, give or take. >> reporter: and this guy went to mva and played for the cubs. so can i see a pitch. >> all right, what do you want here buddy. you can stay at that close plate. make it look like it's more accurate. all right. >> reporter: and he winds up. and the pitch is good. maybe you should have thrown out that first pitch yesterday at the nats game. and zack, how old are you? >> 12. >> reporter: what's your goal? >> to get into major leagues and pitch. >> reporter: pretty good goal. and tell me how you work on the fundamentals and what is your process of teaching here? >> basically that pitching is pretty much described as a
7:56 am
linear movement with a rotational aspect. and what that means is you say straight, straight to the target and the farther to the target you can be, the better you will be. and in pitching there has been talk about upper body stuff and where the glove positioning should be and i feel ke for little kids pitching can be a stressful action. >> reporter: and there are a lot of injuries. >> a lot. and we like to work on the lower half. and i say cut down the distance to the mound, utilize your lower half and trying to lead with this portion of your body. >> reporter: zack, put it in the zone, baby. i want to see it. come on. >> there you go. >> reporter: nice. that was good. our time is fleeting. we're out of time right now. is our website we
7:57 am
have a linking to prospect sports training. we'll talk about how their workouts work and we'll talk about summer camps and talking about hitting and strength training. you name it, we are indeed ready to play ball this morning. kind of like my dukes were ready last night. back to you. >> thank you, holly. and president obama threw out the first pitch at the nats home opener and a look at how he did and what some are calling his fashion faux pas. stay with us. fox 5 morning news will be right back. we'll see you at 8:00. 
7:58 am
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fox 5 staying on top of two big story this is morning. in west virginia the search for survivors has been temporarily called off after the worst u.s. mining disaster in more than 20 yea. things are amess for drivers in northern virginia and they could be all day after a water main break buckled a busy roadway. the latest on both of the stories coming up. thanks for being with us this tuesday. i'm steve chenevey. >> and i'm allison seymour. and we say good morning to our
8:01 am
friend tony perkins to look at this steamy day. it will be. yesterday was warm. anif that wasn't warm enough for you, we'll add on a couple of degrees today and see how that suits you. starting with radar, we've been tracking a few showers and thunderstorms coming through during the early morning hours. most of the activity have dissipated. there are spots to the east where we've seen shower activity and maybe even a thunderstorm but it is pressing out of here for the most part and we're wrapping this up for the morning and indeed for the day. current temperatures at the area airports, 64 at reagan national. 66 at dulles and 61 at bwi marshall. your forecast for today, we'll have partly sunny skies. it will be warm and a little more humid as well. our highs today will be in the mid-80s. we're looking for a high downtown of 85 or 86 degrees. some spots will be a bit warmer than that. more on the weather coming up in just a little bit. >> tony, thank you so much. and we're keeping an eye on
8:02 am
the water main break in northern virginia. it's forced crews to shut down part of 123 into tysons corner near the beltway and it's expected to tie up traffic for most of the day. >> sarah simmons is live on the scene with the latest details on this developing story. sarah. >> reporter: well traffic is certainly tied up here in the tysons corner area due to the 20-inch water main break that happened earlier this morning. you can hear and take a look behind me as crews are digging down trying to investigate the area around the water main. this is actually on route 123, the northbound lanes. it is entirely closed rig now between -- starting at international drive to the beltway, route 123 southbound is open. but take a look at some othe video from this morning as the water was still gushing when we arrived from the break. when we got here at about 4:30, the break occurring around 3:00, 3:15 this morning. construction crews, v-dot is telling us, were drilling laterally underneath the roadway for this hot lane
8:03 am
project that you may have heard about. they were trying to put some sort of electrical wiring underneath there. now 123 northbound could be closed all day at this point. the road is so badly damaged that we're told it could take a while to repair. >> right now we're trying to open it at least to get traffic back on to 495 southbound. we don't know if we can do that yet. e have to take a look at the ground underneath where the water line was so the structure of the roadway can be maintained to shore it up but our effort is to try to get afternoon traffic on here. >> reporter: at this point they're looking at one lane to try to be open and they say it will take a couple of days to repair the roadway because a lot of it is just the hole, but the roadway has buckled further on down so there is significant damage. and they have had a few outages
8:04 am
this morning but there may be issues with low water pressure but to significant outages. just quite a traffic headache over the next couple of days. back to you guys. >> sarah, thank you so much. and now let's check in with julie wright with on-time traffic and find out how to get around it. >> folks are using route 7 as the alternative because out of vienna, you can go no further than international drive and traffic is being detoured, and you take that over to route 7 and that is the alternate. and heavier than usual volume delays on 7 and that is typical since everybody is avoiding 123. an inbound south capitol toward douglas bridge, stalled car on the right side of the highway. southbound 270 out of germantown, still finding delays out of 118 and toward rockville. no accidents to report and just volume. and southbound 95, delays toward the beltway. new hampshire avenue at the beltway, construction causing a
8:05 am
backup from chalmers road. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. families still holding out hope that four miners will be found. toxic gas forced rescue crews to retreat from a west virginia mine where an explosion killed 25 people yesterday. but this morning the governor says chances are slim that the missing minors survived. among those killed re several people from one family. will thomas with more details from raleigh county, west virginia. >> reporter: good morning. we're learning more about the rescue operation to get to the four unaccounted men in the mine behind me. rescuers were pulled out of the mine at about 3:00 this morning. the methane and carbon monoxide buildup was too high that it became dangerous for the rescuers and so now they will drill three holes 1100 feet deep and 12 inches wide to vent out the area and then rescuers can get inside. they are holding out hope that perhaps the four men made it to a refuge chamber, an area
8:06 am
designed to have filter even in a disaster situation like this. that's what they are hoping for. here is more on that point. >> i'm confident that after the mine is ventilated, and after it is safe, that rescue teams will reenter the mine and recover the bodies of the 25 miners as well as finding the bodies of the four additional miners. >> reporter: and we've learned this morning that 11 of the 25 miners killed in the afternoon accident at 3:00 yesterday, when there was a massive explosion, they have now been identified. they are still working to identify the others. two men are hospitalized right now. west virginia governor joe mansion says three of the victims were all from the same family. >> the mother had her oldest son and two randsons. and they were all found together. >> reporter: we're told the family members are huddled together in a nearby office
8:07 am
building. members of the clergy are in there. and someone unique to the situation and someone trying to help, a young man who lost his father in the sego mine tragedy years ago and he's here giving them his process of grieving and waiting for answers. that is the latest from west virginia, will thomas, more coming up soon. and halfway across the world rescue crews are trying to free more miners from a flooded coal mine in china. so far they have pulled 115 people to safety. they have been trapped for more than a week. there are still 33 miners still in the mine shaft though and the gas levels down there are becoming increasingly dangerous. some of the rescued piners say they ate sawdust and strapped themself to the walls with belts so they would not drown while they slept. those rescues are being treated at hospitals in china. new this morning, more deadly violence in the iraqi capital city. at least five bombs hit
8:08 am
apartment buildings across bagdad killing 39 people and in injuring more than 130. this is the fourth major attack in the last five days. violence spikes as plitical leaders scramble to form enough support to form a government after the march 7th parliamentary election. today the obama administration will limit the circumstances under which the united states would use nuclear weapons. u.s. officials say the white house also hopes to persuade russia to agree to mutual cuts in new here arsenals beyond the treaty that will be signed later this week. and this is video of donovan mcnabb arriving in the d.c. area yesterday. he caught a ride from owner dan snyder's private jet. the team gave up the 37th overall choice in this month's
8:09 am
draft and the third or fourth round selection in 2011 to get their new star quarterbacks. the redskins have scheduled a news conference today at noon and you can catch it here on fox 5 or on and one fan is already supporting the team. is that already out there? >> i got the ads yesterday from the redskins saying they have the jersey available. >> he will keep the number 5. colt brennan will switch to number 15. and tiger woods and his rush to golf over shadowed by the mcnabb news but we'll talk tiger coming up. and we'll take a look at the president's pitch at the
8:10 am
nats season opener and what some are calling his fashion no- no. and a judge finds adrian fenty in contempt and what does that mean? we'll find out coming up.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
it is 8:13 now. temperature out there 65 degrees. let's look at stories making headline this is morning. funeral services set for two victims of a deadly drive-by shooting in south east. four people died last week. tavon nelson's services will be held today. and davon boyd's funeral is tomorrow in maryland. it turns out the toddler who died one day after paramedics did not take her to the hospital had pneumonia. emergency crews were called to the home of stephanie stevens february 10th and she was having breathing problems and the first crew did not transport her. hours later a second pair took
8:14 am
her to the hospital and she died the next day. and adrian -- adrian fenty in ctempt. the agen had been directed to handle the abuse and neglect of children and the agency will file an appeal. no warm-up factor needed but we still need some cuteness. >> we need a refreshment factor. and it will be a warm one but let's first take a look at the my first 5 photo of the day. this is -- oh, what's wrong? this is shea. >> maybe she didn't find the bunny. >> there is an explanation. >> she is celebrating her irst easter and she's 3 and a half weeks old and her family thinks she's scared of the easter bunny. well the little ones -- it's a lot to take in. so i suggest hold off on the
8:15 am
easter bunny for like five years. >> i do too. >> but she's very cute. >> she's even cute when she's crying. >> she's very cute when she's crying. but send in another picture, we want to see her smiling. to send in your child's picture go to and click on mornings. let's take a look at hd radar. and we can show you, not much happening folks. what is happening is primarily off to the east. we have a spot of heavy rain to the north of leonardtown. and also a couple of more showers popping up over to the west now so they are still going to come through. primarily a morning event, it's all tracking eastward, no big deal, at least not yet, with any of the precipitation. here is a look at the general radar and you can show that across the region, satellite and radar, there are clouds out there and there is your precipitation. and the bulk of it has pushed
8:16 am
well off to the east. we're still left with a few spray shower -- stray showers here and there. current temperatures, 65. and winds out of the south at 6 miles per hour. humidity 75%. high today 86 degrees, warm and muggy. and tomorrow more muggy and warmer, 88 degrees. that's down right hot, folks. thursday 81 with a chance of showers and thunderstorms late in the day, and at night and possibly into the early morning hours of friday. and then we'll have cooler temperatures for the weekend and temperatures in the 60s. that's a look at what is happening with the weather. tucker barnes will be up with another update in a little bit and now to julie wright with an update on traffic. is it down right hot? >> it is down right hot. >> that was funny. that made me laugh. but it feels good. >> it does feel good. >> i saw some women at lake wet stone walking with the babies notice stroller and i walked bailey and i was walking by and little baby wasjust like, yeah. >> i'm getting me some of this.
8:17 am
>> that's right. on the roads this morning, it has been anything but a fun commute. latest problem on the toll road, delays off of the greenway. problem is at 7100, only the left lane able to get through. in tysons it's the water main break123 international drive out of vienna, no further than international drive forcing everybody over to route 70. coming out of mclean, lanes are open. and in bound toward the stadium, a stalled car. and nice now leaving rockville toward the lane divide. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. all i know is i acted just terribly, poorly. made just incredibly bad decisions and decisions that have hurt so many people close to me. >> golf great tiger woods once
8:18 am
again opening up a bit about his so-called transgressions at a press conference ahead of the masters this week and talked about some things he refused to talk about in the past and admitting to taking ambien and valium to sleep and pain in the knee. and he admitted to receiving five stitch in the hospital after hitting the tree near thanksgiving. and dave ross is here. >> and i can't believe you're not spent after all of this sports news. >> i am totally into the stuff. i can't get it enough. but the tiger stuff yesterday was tough. and because i was at fats park, i had to go back and watch it on tape and i do what i do and i nitpicked and it's hard to know what to believe any more with tiger. and i want to believe him and take him as face value and put it behind us and just say engh and let's play golf but it's hard to do that. it really is hard to do that. and again he led you to where
8:19 am
he wants you to go and stopped short of completing it. when he was talking about going into rehab for 45 days somebody said well what was the rehab for and he said that's personal, thank you. the thank you being the code for stop talking and let's not talk about it any more. so i just want him to finish it and just get it all out and then be done with it. >> that's been my question, from those of us who ask questions for a living, is at what point do we stop? is it okay for him to put this behind him and not talk about him any more and when he starts playing golf and when he's at the master's will it just be golf related questions or will it continue to linger. >> and that's why it was calculated to come back to augusta. it wasn't a huge gallery of media allowed to be in there to ask the questions. so i think eventually it will go away just like everything else seems to do but right now
8:20 am
it's still there until he nally comes out and says what he was in therapy for, if it was even necessary to have that now. we all assume we know what it is but then he did get to talk about the p.e.d.s and he said he never took hgh and why is everybody grilling him. i didn't believe any of this was possible before, so you don't know what to believe. and again, i think that's the problem. >> okay. i have more on this, but let's just move on. president obama yesterday, how was the pitch? >> oh, allison, you didn't miss anything. >> if you didn't see it, it was great. >> and here it goes. >> it's a little high and out. >> he got it to the plate, which was the good thing. and he is an athlete and let's be fair it's a basketball player and not a baseball player and i give him credit for coming outnd trying.
8:21 am
>> agreed. >> i would be nervous out there, 41,000 plus people and you have one shot at it. the problem that i had with it is when he came out and he did not have a cap on and he ok out that cap that he is shaking and he did it almost defiantly and raised it up and then put it on his head and you heard the boos coming out. >> i said didn't he wear his white sox jacket last time? >> yes. but that was for the all-star game. you're in washington, president. and it's not like a wrestling event. i was waiting for him to burst off his jacket and have a white sox jersey underneath. is he trying to antagonize the team. >> he's trying to support his team. >> so if he's in chicago, he can wear the chicago gear. >> i'm with you. i like the bipartisan compromise. the cap and the hat. >> can't wear the white sox cap, can't do it. >> for this moment i disagree and if you're in washington, you go all out washington.
8:22 am
>> and i agree and steve and i never agree. >> thank you, dave. the one thing we didn't talk about was done van mcnabb so we'll get experts comg in to talk about this and including former redskin kevin harvey is coming up in a little bit. and at 8:45 we're talking about baseball and the season has started and holly is learning how to hit and pitch from the pros. and i don't know if she heard your hit. but i'll talk to her later. iw. you might know that it has protein, but whole soy's also naturally packed... with fiber, antioxidants and other nutrients. and you can get whole soy, mixed together with real fruit, in soyjoy. and look for delicious new blueberry soyjoy. and you're still fighting to sleep in the middle of the night, why would you go one more round using it ? you don't need a rematch-- but a re-think-- with lunesta.
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8:25 right now. the feds slapped a more than $16 million fine on toyota. the biggest penalty ever issued by the transportation department against a car company. the reason is because they took too long to tell about the defective gas pedals. they have two weeks to appeal the fine or pay up. a little heads up if you use metro during the workweek. the mount vernon street station will be closed from 9:00 p.m. sunday and won't reopen until 5:00 a.m. wednesday. officials closed the station due to security concerns
8:26 am
related to the international nuclear summit at the convention center. and several streets will be closed. we have posted everything you need to know at just look under web links. and still ahead, we're going to be joined by eleanor holmes norton. this time yesterday she was in haiti and this morning she's here with us. and an update from west virginia where they are hoping for a miracle. four miners are missing after a coal mine blast that killed 25 others. and gilbert arenas will not go to jail but that doesn't mean he's free and clear just yet. where he'll call home sweet home stale yet, coming up. stay with us. trouble findint taco seasoning?
8:27 am
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8:29. 65 degrees. led's look at stories making headlines. rescue teams are awaiting the all clear to continue a
8:30 am
search for miners. a explosion in west virginia killed minors and four are still missing. the carbon monoxide levels are too high to send search crews back in so they will drill four holes to vent out toxic gas. a frightening home invasion in loudoun county, virginia. a 58-year-old terminally ill woman was in her home when someone broke into her home and made it into her bedroom. the woman required a lung disease and required oxygen screamed and scared the subject away who fled in a red car. and gilbert arenas was sentenced to 30 days in a half way house for bringing a gun to the team locker room. he must report to the county
8:31 am
jail for two days of medical screening and classification. a little summer review continues. and we had some report high temperatures around here yesterday. >> going to beat it today i imagine. >> our records today are in the 90s. but we did break records in baltimore. they went back to 1942. yesterday's highs, 83 here in washington. 86 out at dulles. 84 in baltimore. waer temperatures today west of the city. so if you're in communities out to the west, ort toward chantilly, ashburn, that part of the world, temperatures are even warmer, upper 80s and maybe 90s. 65 at reagan national. we're already warm. look at fredericksberg. 61 at this hour. and 62 in quantico. mid-60s to start the day. the temperatures will jump as soon as we lose the mornin cloud cover and we'll be quickly into the 70s and then 80s by early afternoon. 62 and cooler in annapolis. cooler along the bay as well.
8:32 am
temperatures a good 5 degrees cooler so low to mid-80s toward annapolis and toward saint mary's city as the water temperature is still cool. showers local lizzed this morning. we had a band south of fredericksberg toward richmond and you can see those emerging off the coast. nothing in its wake. out to the west, clear and sunshine and beautiful out there and warm. we mentioned the warm temperatures. down right hot around here for the next couple of days before we get cooler air in here toward the end of the week. plenty of afternoon sunshine and hot. upper 80s for a few spots out to the west. winds out of the west, 10-55. and 88 here in washington tomorrow and we'll touch the 90- degree mark in a few locations. showers and thunderstorms thursday and into friday and much cooler air by friday and saturday and below normal and so we're not quite done with
8:33 am
the early spring weather. and let's go back to allison and steve. in haiti a sign that things are beginning to return to normal. the schools are opening for the first time since the massive wait ravaged port-au-prince. teachers will return to the regular school curriculum. eleanor holmes norton just returned to capitol hill from haiti. i know it was a quick trip. what could you see there? >> i went to haiti in 2008 and i wanted to see what it looked like after the devastation and it was the first day of the school yesterday and we met with the president and first lady and we went to an orphanage and met with the industry of social services and we do see an improvement from the devastation we saw in january in haiti. the real question is whether or not the world has to adjust our
8:34 am
own country in the international donor's conference last week donated $1.5 billion. the donor's conference got even more than what was expected. what was heart breaking to see was t rubble. people are in the streets, they look relatively healthy, but the rubble along the streets itself will take yrs, many years, to clear and much less to begin rebuilding. most heartbreaking thing was going toa orphanage where crowded into one orphanage was 80 babies and one small children. that's where we focused the group of senators and i on education. i would like to see teachers without boarders. we need people going into haiti right away to prepare a teaching core that can introduce universal education, something they don't have in haiti. 80% of the schools are private and almost all of the children don't attend school.
8:35 am
>> and a couple of challenges that you see there. you talked about the money donated, the u.s. has pledged over a billion dollars over two years to help with the rebuilding efforts, you were there with two democratic senators on your tour that you just got back from. did you get a sense though despite the money pledged and the overwhelming amount that needs to happen there, did you get some sense from the people there was optimism. >> i was amazed at how life really goes on in haiti and how there was real optimism. and so these are not a beaten and downtrodden people. they are learned to cope with any conditions in the western hemisphere. >> and we need not to forget about what happened there even though several months have passed. >> we could not stay overnight. the group came back to miami and then going back today. i had to come back this morning
8:36 am
as we're having our small business fair. we've had a problem in this country too and so even as haiti is devastated our economy was not what it was but it's coming back. i think you can see what i think you ought to see. this is where our economy was a year ago. for the first time this month, we saw the -- that that bar was above the mark. so that's what we've gone from. losing 750,000 jobs a month and there we made 162,000 jobs and most of those are in the private sector. but we expect small business to drive us out of this recession because that's how it's happened all of the time. we're having our small business fair this morning and we're going to have what people usually pay hundreds of dollars if you're a d.c. resident to
8:37 am
get. and that is we're going to have banks, government agencies with contracts to lend, one-on-one lending from experts from the sba to help small businesses get a footing so that the bar that is beginning to go up that i just showed you, in fact we collect small businesses in this town and we just got my business tax credits through the congress. that means that a small business in the district of columbia can get a very handsome wage credit, but only in the district of columbia. if you hire a d.c. resident or if a d.c. resident is already hired, the president has just signed the higher acts which gives a payroll tax break to small businesses. we want to make sure the small businesses in the district of columbia of understand this so at the and counsel center beginning in just a few minutes and going until 6:00 today, we're having our d.c. small business affair and naming our
8:38 am
d.c. small business of the year. >> delegate norton, it's always a pleasure to talk to you. hopefully we can turn the graph upside down in the future and see the numbers start to climb. we thank you this morning and your comments on haiti as well. i'm glad you had a good, productive trip. >> my ple. >> and that fair is free to d.c. resident and open until 4:00 p.m. >> there is all of the information there on your screen. time now is 8:38 on this tuesday morning and where you may now be able to find a new career today. and plus we'll reveal our job of the day, too. and at 9:00 we'll look at how the housing market is doing now in d.c., maryland and virginia. find out if it's a good time to buy or sell and how the trends continue to move and develop out there. it's 8:38. back with more after this.
8:39 am
8:40 am
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8:41 am
job cuts could be coming to d.c. government workers under mayor fenty's newly released budget. 39 trash inspector positions will be cut. it will save the city more than $5 million. and there is a career fair
8:42 am
today at the melrose hotel in northwest from 1:00 to 3:00. several employees will be there looking to hire, including liberty mutual, lockheed martin, northrup grumen and wells fargo. and our job shop is at and our job of the day, go to and click on the job shop tab. you'll find it near the top of the home page. and we're down to nine, trying to become the next american idol. >> a preview of today's show is still ahead. and good morning, allison. >> repoter: and i'm with kids trying to become the next ryan zimmerman. it is baseball folks and we're live at prospects sports training where we are getting into the swing of things. how you can up your own chances of hitting a home run up next on fox 5 morning news. stay with us.
8:43 am
the people who walked these streets before us we just like you and me. with hopes. dreams. challenges.
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what a game it was last night. welcome back as we talk about the duke blue devils. new national champions of help's college basketball. they held on to beat butler last night. 61-59, final shot. the fourth national crown for duke all under the same coach and the students celebrated and built a bon fire. and the school now holding a welcome back for the team this afternoon. and if you're a fan of fox 5 morning news, you know that our girlfriend holly morris is a duke grad. and we just formally want to say, holly, congratulations. >> reporter: after i bullied it into you in the last hour. >> we have a comeback. because somebody in this room did do belter than you in the basketball pool by picking duke as well. >> steve did. >> reporter: he had more points
8:47 am
and that's fine. you can take the pool. i'll take this. and didn't come prepared to gloat at all today. i didn't bring anything with me. >> this is why i had to sa something. and you know that's the only reason why. reporter: listen, it plays the duke fight song. the last time i brought this to work, 2001, the morning after we won our last national title. so i know a lot of people don't like duke and that's cool, i understand it. but if you went there you bleed blue and are always true to your school. >> it was a great game. >> it was a great game. it was a fabulous game. i think i aged. the anxiety was high. but all national championship games should be like that, especially if they end with my team winning. no, it was a great. butler is awesome and not the last we've heard of them and dukemay be back another time or two. someone else who happens to have a duke connection just happens to be troy allen. and tell them your duke connection. >> grant hill and i played for
8:48 am
the same high school school. >> reporter: so you're bleeding blue this morning too? >> i sure was. >> reporter: and i knew i liked you. nd i like this facility. we are at prospects training. and you can hear the crack of the bat going on. and we're done with basketball and moved on to baseball. and you are the senior hitting coach. >> i am. >> reporter: so tell me your philosophy and what kids get out of coming here. >> and what we find with the younger kids is the biggest problem in the swing is the balance and weight transfer. and i focus on the end of the swing, which is balance and weight transfer, versus the beginning. i like to say i'm more about technique than style. and this is the same you would see in most major league bitters. >> reporter: and you played at g.w. and in the braves organization for a while. and so what was -- hitting was your specialty?
8:49 am
>> you could call it that. i hit -- >> reporter: several long balls? you can brag. weren't you the second all time hitter. >> i was for a time. i was the single leader in home run and then a friend beat me. and now i'm third. >> reporter: and how does it work when people sign up? >> we have individual and group lessons and hitting camps as well. we run camps through the summer and fall and winter and then lessons are all year around as well. >> reporter: very good. i want to come over here. this is josh. how old are are you? >> 14. >> reporter: and how long have you been coming here? >> since it opened. >> reporter: in february. so have you seen a difference in the short time you've been here? >> yes. >> reporter: what is the difference you've seen? >> i've improved my hitting and -- >> reporter: you feel more confident as a hitter and
8:50 am
stronger? >> yes. >> reporter: so let's talk me through and let's watch the stop thing. and this is the problem the most and so the first drill is work on the finish. and so this drill that josh is working on right now is essentially the finishing portion of the swing. so what he's going to do is, if you'll notice, his back leg is bent, his front knee is stiff and that's a finishing position from my major league hitter will have this finish and so he'll wind his core, which is what you use in your swing and let it fly. it should end up in the middle of the night if i've done my job right. so let's see. >> okay. one more. do one more. >> reporter: what did you do wrong there coach? >> he swung down as opposed to level or up. and let's see if he corrects this time. there it is. >> reporter: let me see if i
8:51 am
can do it. and i like those -- some might call it duke glasses. pain i'm in that frame of mind today. i like to see it. that is the style? >> that is style. and if you can get to where i want you to then more power to you. and if you finish, you'll fire toward you and we're woking on swinging level, you'll go backwards and then you'll make contact. there it is. >> reporter: not so bad. what are you laughing at? >> nothing. it was good. it was very good actually. >> reporter: here we go, ready? >> and that's a long one, right there. >> reporter: that was out of the park? >> that was foul. >> reporter: and we have a link to the camp and how lessons and summer camp works. and we'll talk about the summer camps in the next hour. and i think we need more power in that ball and so we'll move
8:52 am
over to the strength training. >> that's good stuff. we have a bombshell dropped on the set of desperate housewives and who is suing that alleged producer of assault. and how american - ( music playing ) - we know technology can make you more connected. but now it can make you more connected to your doctor through e-mail. test results from home.
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americ idol contestants channeling more classics tonight, taking a page out on the lennon-mccarty song books. casey siegal talks to the finalists as they get ready for beatles week. >> reporter: it has been two years since idol last dug into the lynnon-mccartney catalogue and the top nine have their work cut out for them. [ singing ] >> reporter: you can't ask for
8:56 am
better songs to choose from but covering classics can be a difficult task. >> it's a double-edged sword because they changed music forever and it doesn't get any bigger than those two guys. >> they're definitely epic songs and very legendary, you don't know anybody who doesn't know who they are and their songs are al songs that are ever-lasting. >> it is daunting because you don't want to suck on stage singing a beatles song. >> reporter: the big question the singers have to answer, do you try to make it your own or stay faithful to the original? >> i'm going to do my own thing with it. i'm excited about it. lennon-mccartney, just what can i even say about them, heroes. you just same the names and people are like, wow. >> i didn't really know a lot
8:57 am
about them so i had to do research that i felt i could find something to do. it's hard because they are legend. >> and there is pressure because you'll do a song and somebody will say oh, that was pretty good but not as good as this one. >> reporter: and they are doing a photo shoot for the up coming top ten tour and the judges are on their mind. >> you had some speculation. >> try to find a middle ground and work off of that. >> i just try to take everything in stride and take them as being a part of the audience and you happen to get their opinion right back at you, quickly. so i don't put too much stock in it, but you need them. >> reporter: the top 9 take on
8:58 am
two of the greatest song writers of all time this week on american american. >> and you can watch idol at 8:00 here on fox 5. ght now it is 9:00. less' turn things over to tony and allison to take us through the next hour. good morning. thank you, steve. following the news out of west virginia. the mine explosion, 25 miners dead in virginia in a mine blast. four are still missing. it's being called the worst incident since 1984. will thomas in virginia with the latest for us. >> in more up beat news, as you know by now, donovan mcnabb formerly of the eagles coming to the washington redskinning. there will be an announcement this afternoon, i think around the noon hour. what does it mean for the future of the redskins? ken harvey joins us to talk about it. and we're talking about changes to a games that about
8:59 am
around for a while. do you call it a game? scrabble. >> it's one of the most popular games in the rule. >> rule changes coming to the popular board game and what you will be able to do in the new game that you couldn't do in the old scrabble. >> have you seen the changes? >> no. >> i'm very surprised and mismayed. >> is it pantomime? >> no. that was be hard. no that's not the change. >> that's not it? >> no. we'll find out in a little bit into and tucker barnes is standing by and has a look at ourot forecast. temperatures already in the mid-60s and a couple of spots in the mid-70s and we're off to the races. we'll see highs later today, mid to upper 80s, a few may touch 90. cloud cover is partly cloudy to start the day. we did have a few showers, even a couple of rumbles of thunder during the overnight and you
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